Sample RFP Response for a Downtown Master Plan

It’s been a while since we posted anything new here on Pushing Snowballs. The biggest reason for this is probably the fact that we’ve been busy with the launch of our new marketing agency, Content & Context, and have been pouring all of our content-generation energy into that business and its website.

People still visit this site in pretty significant numbers, however, so we’ve been thinking about the kinds of information we can share that will be valuable to the site’s users, and that will also complement the things we’re now doing at Content & Context. By the way, please take a look at that site sometime and let us know what you think.

As I’ve mentioned before, the stats about how visitors arrive at this site – along with the feedback and requests we hear directly from users – make it pretty clear that there is a tremendous amount of interest in examples of completed RFP responses from a variety of industries, so we anticipate making this a major focus of the site in the future.

This week we have a PDF version of an RFP response that was prepared for the development of a Downtown – Waterfront Master Plan for Belfast, Maine.

While the document could certainly benefit from some hierarchy (subheads, bullet points, etc.) that would make it a little easier to navigate, it does have some good examples of how a Project Approach and Work Plan can be effectively customized to show an understanding of the project’s needs. The breakdown of team members’ anticipate involvement in each task is also clearly stated, without being unrealistically detailed.

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