Pushing Snowballs helps design firms, advertising/marketing agencies, architects, and other creative businesses find the most effective and efficient ways to promote themselves and get more – and more profitable – work.

Why Pushing Snowballs?
When people talk about something “snowballing,” they are typically thinking about a snowball rolling down a hill. Once you get it going you just step back and watch it get bigger as it rolls along. And marketing creative services is a little like that. The longer you stay with it, the bigger it gets.

Unfortunately, the people who tell you it’s going to take off on its own probably haven’t actually done it, because this snowball isn’t going down a hill. It’s on flat ground on the best days, and sometimes it seems like it’s actually going uphill. So the bigger it gets, the more you have to push.

Pushing Snowballs is dedicated to sharing information that will help you push smarter, not harder, by focusing your efforts and using a combination of new technology and proven marketing tactics.

About Mark Denton
I’m a writer and marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience in both traditional and online marketing. I’m currently the Principal of Content and Context, where I help organizations develop and deliver compelling marketing messages.

Prior to that, I was the Director of Business Development at fd2s, which I helped to transition from a general design and marketing communications practice to a highly specialized, industry-leading wayfinding and environmental graphic design consultancy. My experience also includes a stint as an online marketing manager at groundbreaking online retailer Garden.com and serving as the Associate Publisher of Texas Architect magazine.

You can read more about my background on LinkedIn.

If you want to get in touch about this site, consulting/speaking opportunities, etc., feel free to send an email.